Ice form created by overnight sprinkler

What is “winterization” and is it necessary?

It’s no secret that irrigation systems need regular maintenance. When the temperature starts to drop at the beginning of winter, it is important to remember your irrigation. You might think that waking up to a yard full of icicles might make you the envy of the neighborhood, but frozen irrigation lines are nothing to be jealous about.

When water freezes, it expands. Eleven cubic feet of water will become twelve cubic feet of ice. This hydro-expansion can cause fittings, sprinklers, valves, pumps, pipes and other parts of irrigation systems to burst and break. Frozen irrigation lines can lead to costly repairs!

Be proactive and winterize your irrigation system. Winterizing your irrigation means properly draining the water out of the lines and making sure the system is turned OFF. This will allow the system to take it easy during the cold months and be ready when spring comes!

Falling Leaves offers Irrigation Winterization for $85 (six zones or less). If you have more than six zones, add $15 per zone. Call us now to schedule this service!