Yearly Maintenance

I've been a Falling Leaves customer for nearly 10 years and have used both their lawn care and landscaping services. The staff is responsive to calls and requests, the work is done timely and to specification, and the quotes for fees are dependable. My investment in the lawn care and landscaping has been money well-spent and my yard looks great.
- Star
Falling Leaves Lawn Care provides a full range of services with our Yearly Service Agreements (YSA) for regular maintenance. 
  • Mowing, edging, and trimming all turf areas
  • Blowing off curbs and hard surfaces
  • Trimming and pruning foundation shrubs and bushes
  • Leaf management
  • Spot spray weeds in beds
  • Ground cover and vine control, English Ivy, Vinca etc.
  • Aerating and Overseeding (in the fall for Fescue turf)
  • Non-excessive storm debris pick-up
  • Turf Care Program
The Turf Care Program provides fertilization, pre- and post-emergent weed control, and lime. These services are performed on a routine basis at the optimal time in order to receive the most advantageous benefits.
Our YSA program ensures your landscape receives comprehensive maintenance attention throughout the year that adds beauty and value to your property. 
We also offer add-on services through the year, such as:
  • Seasonal flowers
  • Spring Bed Prep
  • Deep hand pruning
  • Raising tree canopies
  • Tree removal and stump grinding
  • Pruning to maintain form, remove dead wood, or add shape
  • Fertilizing plant material
  • Treating turf issues (fungus, grubs, weeds)
  • Irrigation maintenance
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Urban AG Council
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