Seasonal Color

Who's Ready For Fall Flowers?

It’s time to add some beautiful color to your home
or business and it’s as easy as 1…2…3!

Please scroll down for more info and to request your flowers now!

Step 1: Choose your color.

Choose from a wide variety of colorful violas. Which color option is right for you? Mix different color options for a more colorful look!

(You are not limited to violas. Please submit a flower request below for a sales associate to contact you with more information.)

Step 2: Decide on your add-ins

Option 1 – Plan for a “spring surprise” with tulip or daffodil bulbs. Planting the bulbs now allows them to be ready and waiting. As soon as the warmer spring weather shows up, the bulbs will start to show their beautiful blooms!

Option 2 – Complete the look with ornamental kale and mustard. Use ornamentals in your beds to add height, fill space, and to simply help round out the look of the beds.

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Step 3: Let our professional teams get to work

Click the button below to send your request for fall flowers now! A sales associate will contact you soon (usually within 48 hours) to get more information and to schedule an appointment to see the property, if necessary.

Falling Leaves Lawn Care offers seasonal color installation service.  Whether it is Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter, our staff will create something unique that will add accent and color to your landscaped area. We offer annual bulb installation which we use in seasonal color beds, to add an impressive one-time display in the spring.

We have not forgotten about the pots surrounding your front door, patio or around your pool deck. Ask us about hardy succulents for something different in your pots. Succulents provide great variety and charm for any garden. We can create hanging baskets for the porch by mixing colorful trailing annuals and a touch of perennials.

We offer personal client consultation for each rotation to insure that our plan meets your expectations. Please ask how we can add life to a front door or entrance to your home or neighborhood.

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