Pine Straw News

~April 2021~

Short Supply, High Demand

According to the Georgia Urban Agricultural Council, there is a pine straw shortage this spring. This is due largely to the weather in February. Consistent rainfall limited production in the fields. In addition to a shortage of supply, there is high demand, a lack of labor, and a shortage of freight services.

The product is available in the fields, but it will take time to work through the current backlog of demand. We encourage everyone to be patient and understanding as we work together through these unprecedented times.”

Mary Kay Woodworth, Executive Director, UAC

Beware of Scams

Homeowners are also warned of a pine straw scam:

Law enforcement has received complaints of individuals claiming to have left-over pine straw or mulch from a previous job and offering it to the consumer at a heavily discounted rate. After the consumer agrees to the recommended number of bales, the scammer lays down fewer bales than agreed upon and then tells the consumer he will need to lay down an additional number of bales to cover the yard at a cost of hundreds of dollars more. If the consumer refuses, the scammer tries to intimidate the consumer.

Mary Kay Woodworth, Executive Director, UAC

Please… be patient and be careful!

To read the downloadable flyer from Georgia UAC, click below…